Trying out new concepts. Playing with the connections between space, time, the artists and the audience. As an integral part of the work of art. But also reaching a new, young audience – by taking them seriously;

Understanding that team work between all participants is fundamental. Discussing, arguing, holding one’s ground, learning from one another, appreciating personalities and bringing them together in the artistic process;

Going out on the search to find playable places and understanding these places as living components: with their specific demands, qualities and weaknesses – discovering and utilizing them;

Confronting ourselves and the audience with questions, for which new answers still need to be found;

This is what we do and what we strive for with great joy.

We are Kollektiv3:6Koeln for contemporary and experimental music, founded in 2017. The collective is consists of nine permanent members – instrumentalists and composers – all of which received their degree at the Cologne University of Music. Our focus is not on performing a repertoire, but on realizing new compositions and projects.

The Kollektiv3:6Koeln is supported and sponsored by Deutscher Musikrat.

Photo: Sonja Werner