July 13th, 2024

Die Bank, Sülzburgstr. 5, 50937 Köln

Kollektiv3:6Koeln will be playing songs by Kollektiv💕:💕Köln.

Their new EP Songs from the hearts will be presented with solo cover versions, as they themselves cannot (yet) be present.

Solo artist wipeç will also be there to present new songs.

Afterwards there will be dancing with lately7, Keta Gavasheli, alphosee, G.G Dee !

Admission on a donation basis – come along and ring in the Kollektiv💕:💕Köln season with us.


When: 13 July 2024

Where: die Bank, Sülzburgstr. 5, 50937 Cologne



Zoi Argyriou // Nicolas Berge // Moritz Baerens // Laura Hovestadt // Georgia Koumará // Jennifer Seubel



Nicolas Berge // Vladimir Guicheff Bogacz // Georgia Koumará


feat. wipeç (Instagram)