between digital and analog worlds, between music theater, concert setting and participatory gaming, between whale scores, sensor gloves and (un-) serious jazz improvisations, between cheerful seriousness and serious humor …

… here the Kollektiv3:6Koeln moves on the playground of today’s current music and consistently dares to jump on the ever-revolving carousel of contemporary aesthetics.

in newly conceived formats the Kollektiv constantly puts itself and it’s self-ascribed role up for discussion and presents the results of collective work processes.

The idea of hierarchy becomes a network idea: guest artists are invited and boundaries of genre are called into question; the venue is understood as a living component and included in working processes; the rusted gates are opened to an audience that is not familiar with the scene.

We are the Kollektiv3:6Koeln and look forward to your visit – on our homepage or, of course, at one of our concerts !