December 16th, 2023

674FM, Cologne
Ubierring 13, 50678 Köln

To end our artistic year, we want to celebrate the release of Vladimir’s CD Viscera with you and take this opportunity to toast to you, to us, to the Christmas season and to all the upcoming projects in the New Year.

We’ll be playing Heimlich, which we recorded for the CD, showing an exhibition of paintings by Francisco Tomsich, enjoying drinks on the sofas and dancing into the night with DJ sets.

Just come along, entrance is free – we look forward to seeing you!

When: 16th of december, from 20h
Where: 674FM, Ubierring 13, 50678 Cologne


Vladimir Guicheff Bogacz – composition

Rostislav Kozhevnikov – violin

Laura Hovestadt – viola

Moritz Baerens  – double bass

Sally Beck – flute

Thibaut Surugue – piano

Christopher Collings – trompet

Julia Leimenstoll – vocals

Alejandro Sarriegui – percussion

with Andrés Quezada /// DJane A-Lo (instagram / soundcloud) /// DJ naiç3000

an an exhibition of Francisco Tomsich

November 25th, 2023

Kunsthafen, Cologne

With heavens encore, the Kollektiv3:6Koeln opens the door to a world in which digital and physical realities merge. At the centre is an immersive VR experience; we present the result of our three-week research, conception and programming work and want to explore the boundaries between the worlds together with you. Music, performances, the virtual world and analogue drinks together at the bar form the framework for this. We look forward to seeing you at Kunsthafen on 25 November 2023 between 15h and 22h. To avoid waiting times, we offer you the opportunity to reserve 15-minute timeslots via Eventbrite (https://www.eventbrite/ We will have coffee and cake / beer and chips and would be happy if you arrive a little before the start of your slot.


Where: Kunsthafen, Cologne)

When: between 15h and 22h


Composition/3D-Annimation: Miriam Riek /// Nicolas Berge


Laura Hovestadt /// Georgia Koumará /// Moritz Baerens

September 20th, 2023

Kunststation St. Peter, Köln

“Nicolas’ music is a hymn to the fusion of yesterday and tomorrow, a symphony of post-digitality that transports listeners to a new reality.”

– ChatGPT


Or: Deep Dive into music that is not afraid of autotune and nightcore, of transformation and way too fast tempi.

This year’s winner of the Bernd Alois Zimmermann Scholarship of the City of Cologne, Nicolas Berge, together with Cologne Guitar Quartet, Kollektiv3:6Koeln and Duo WeirichLöffler, will show his own works from the recent past in order to look together into the present. Music, video and live performance will be created at the intersection of the internet, hybridity and pop culture.

We are looking forward to leaving authenticity behind for the evening and diving into the subconscious of the internet together.


When: 20.09.2023, 20h

Where: Kunststation St. Peter, Köln


Further information on Nicolas Berge:


Please register at:

But you are also welcome to come spontaneously.


Nicolas Berge – Composition



Cologne Guitar Quartet


Duo WeirichLöffler

March 26th, 2023

Teatro Solis
Montevideo, Uruguay

At EXIT’23, the Kollektiv3:6Koeln will play the final concert of the Festival Internacional de Artes Experimentales and present a new composition by Uruguayan composer Sofía Sheps alongside their own works. After a stay of several weeks in Montevideo, given workshops at the local conservatory and collaborations with local students, the concert marks the end of the collective’s journey.


Where: Teatro Solis

Montevideo, Uruguay

When: 26. März 2023


Nicolas Berge – Composition

Vladimir  Guicheff Bogacz – Composition

Georgia Koumará – Composition

Sopía Sheps – Composition


Moritz Baerens – Contrabass

Laura Hovestadt – Viola

Jennifer Seubel – Flute

Jonathan Shapiro – Percussion

Sophía Sheps – Live-Electronics

Irene Porzio – Piano

Lola Rubio – Violin


Photos – ©EXIT’23 / Alina Viera

December 17th, 2022

Niehler Freiheit e.V.
Vogelsangerstr. 385B, Köln

The Kollektiv3:6Koeln invites Gökçe Uygun and Güneş Bozkır aka the NOD Duo from Istanbul to Cologne for a one-week residency to tinker together on an electro-acoustic work. The evening presents the result of this exchange and ends in a bar evening with music and drinks.


Moritz Baerens – Contrabass

Güneş Bozkır – Piano, Electronics

Lola Rubio – Violin

Jennifer Seubel – Flute

Gökçe Uygun – Sounddesign, Electronics

November 4th 5th & 6th, 2022

Ehemaliges Autohaus Dresen
Oskar Jäger Str. 97, 50825 Cologne

Kollektiv3:6Koeln is back! For the first time in Ehemaliges Autohaus Dresen – We are welcoming many dear guests and interdisciplinary collaborators on  three consecutive evenings! Premiering new compositions, intermedia installations and a visual and auditory design of the halls!

Where: ehemaliges Autohaus Dresen

Oskar-Jäger-Str. 97, 50825 Köln 

When: November 04. 05. & 06., 2022, 19h


Nicolas Berge – Composition

Vladimir Guicheff Bogacz – Composition

Georgia Koumará – Composition


Flor Alonso – Mediainstallation

Guzmán Calzada – Installation

Thomas Meckel – Mediainstallation


Flo Felten – Stage & Light design

Jan Brandt – Stage & Light design, Costume design

Niklas Werani – Sound direction

Malte Lieberzt – Light direction

Benjamin Bentz – Recording

Miriam Rieck – Choreography


Moritz Baerens – Contrabass

Sally Beck – Flute

Johannes Haase – Violin

Laura Hovestadt – Viola

Georgia Koumará – Theremin

Oriane Pocard Kieny – Viola

Lola Rubio – Violin, Electronic

Jennifer Seubel – Flute

Jonathan Shapiro – Percussion

Thibaut Surugue – Piano, Synthesizer


Gerardo Scheige – Production manager

Design – Bertrand Blanchard für He[ΙΙ]

Photos – Ezekiel Angeloni

Video Recording – frankaflux: Jonathan Kastl, Mario Frank


October 16th, 2021

Niehler Freiheit e.V., Cologne

The Kollektiv3:6Koeln is moving into the Niehler Freiheit for a week and spreading out its artistic inner life there. Secret cravings, random ideas from drunken nights and everything that doesn’t fit into our serious concerts we want to try out on the grounds of the Freiheit when we turn it into our public living room. Sexy dance videos, cymbal brushes, long-distance improvs, electronic underwater worlds and videos that we usually only share in the Kollektiv-Chat – before, after and during we want to chat with you about life at the bar and just spend some time together.

Concept and realisation:

Moritz Baerens, Nicolas Berge, Farzia Fallah, Ramón Gardella, Vladimir Guicheff Bogacz, Laura Hovestadt, Georgia Koumará, Lola Rubio, Jennifer Seubel


DJing: Tim Pauli, Lola Rubio


Photos: Marcos Angeloni

Video: Mona Kakanj 

Literatur und Musikfestival Wege durchs Land

July 24th, 2021

Gräflicher Park, Bad Driburg

In her composition dem Sonnengott, Dariya Memonova listens to Hölderlin’s poems, explores the sound of his language and the character of his stories. Hölderlin’s free verse means complete freedom for her. The result is a moment without beginning and without end, in which there is only poetry and in which the poet’s inner world can be experienced. Together with the Kollektiv3:6Koeln, she creates various sound spaces that are electronically expanded.


Moritz Baerens – Double Bass

Tal Bovnik – Guitar

Laura Hovestadt – Viola

Dariya Maminova – Composition / Piano

Lola Rubio – Violine

Jennifer Seubel – Flute

Festival ACHT BRÜCKEN l Musik für Köln

May 13th, 2021

WDR Funkhaus, Cologne

Kollektiv3:6Koeln presents the finalists pieces of the composition competition of the festival ACHT BRÜCKEN I Musik für Köln.


Jonah Haven – great, another ditch

Anahita Abbasi – The wind will carry us

Duoni Liu – SAME same but different


Sofia von Atzingen – Viola

Moritz Baerens – Double Bass

Ramón Gardella – Percussion 

Lautaro Mura – Conducting 

Lola Rubio – Violine

Jennifer Seubel – Flute

Christoph Stöber – Piano

Festival ACHT BRÜCKEN l Musik für Köln

May 10th, 2021

Philharmonie, Cologne

The Living Cartoon Duet is a duo of silent film pianist Camille Phelepp and actress and dubbing artist Sophie Lavallée – in their work they create live soundtracks to animated films. The evening, jointly created by Kollektiv3:6Koeln and the Living Cartoon Duet, takes the form of an animated picture book: two works by the Living Cartoon Duet, two compositions inspired by them by the permanent collective members Georgia Koumará and Vladimir Guicheff Bogacz – and finally a piece created jointly by all with animations by Diego Cristófano.


Sophie Lavallée – Living Cartoon Duett 

Camille Phelepp – Living Cartoon Duett 


Vladimir Guicheff Bogacz – Composition

Georgia Koumará – Composition


Moritz Baerens – Double Bass

Laura Hovestadt – Viola

Lola Rubio – Violine

Jennifer Seubel – Flute 

Jonas Vollmer – Drums


Diego Cristófano – Animation / Visuals